"Are You Ever Worried About Your Pet? Or Frustrated By His Or Her Behaviour?"

Do you ever think that if only you could get “inside their head”, you’d be able to sort out their problems and make them feel better?

Have you already spent a ton of money, and time, and even tears, trying to make it right for them?

That’s how it was for us. Both of us had animals with behaviour problems – and, boy, did we all struggle. But it was that struggle which took us on an incredible life-changing journey with our animals, to learn some truly amazing secrets! But more of that later......

Our names are Sue Reid and Elaine Downs. We run “Animal Matters”, a unique company specialising in helping people and pets understand each other better and resolve behaviour problems – and in helping people to develop bonds with their animals that previously they could only dream of.

We work with any animal, and with any problem.

Elaine and Sue with Benson, Rupert and Tilly

Thanks to the animals in our lives, we’ve studied natural healing therapies and kind training methods. We’ve qualified as trainers and therapists. We’ve learned how to consider every aspect of an animal’s life in order to get to the heart of their problems – and found out some amazing things! Some of them so “out of this world” that for a long time we didn’t share them, in case people thought we were crazy.

But these so-called “crazy” things were helping us understand the depths of some animals’ apparent behaviour problems.

In fact, they were resolving them, sometimes almost instantly.

Now you can learn them too – and transform your relationship with your pet, and all animals, for ever......and change your own life in the process!

Inside “How to Truly Understand Your Pet”, you’ll learn how to consider your animal’s needs on many levels. We’ll give you tools to enable you to see their life through their eyes. And once you see it through their eyes – you see how to make it better.

We start in a very practical, down to earth way.

In Part One, you’ll learn:-

Ten questions you must ask, to analyse your pet’s problem

The seven main causes of behaviour problems – your pet’s problem will probably fall within one of these. If not, there’s more to come later.....!

If natural therapies might help, and if so which ones

An eight point HHIPS (Happy Homes For Pets!) checklist

How diet can influence behaviour – and how to discover what’s right for your pet

Can genetic problems ever be overcome? (It may not be as impossible as you think!)

Ten steps to choosing an outstanding breeder

Training – seven common mistakes

Specific problems covered include:-


Separation Anxiety

Aggressive behaviour

Noise sensitivity

Training issues

Fears and phobias


In Part Two, you’ll learn more about the natural therapies we use – we only cover those we are trained and qualified in, or those we buy in for our own animals, so we know how effective they are – and just how fast they can work!

We include:-

Energy Healing

Energy Healing uses the Universal energy which is all around us, to bring our bodies, and our animals’, back into balance and awaken the body’s natural ability to heal itself. There is now some amazing scientific evidence to show how this works – and how you can do it!


Reiki is a popular form of Energy Healing. It is very easily learned, and can be used anywhere, any time for physical and emotional issues – sometimes with life-changing results for both you and your animal!


Energy medicine based on the principle of “Let like be cured by like.” You can select remedies for first-aid or chronic conditions for your own animal. For best results with both physical and emotional issues, consult a homeopathic vet - enjoy being part of a truly holistic assessment of your individual animal and watching those changes unfold!


Also known as “Animal Aromatics”, this goes much deeper than the “massage and nice smells” image of human aromatherapy! Results can also be very fast indeed! Consult a qualified practitioner, and watch and learn as your animal selects his or her own oils.

Flower Essences

Totally natural energy remedies, easily given and completely safe. Very effective for emotional issues, shock and trauma. You can select your own essences or consult a practitioner. Gentle remedies but can be very fast-acting!


Based around a form of circular massage, TTouch can literally help your animal learn new ways to respond by awakening new neural pathways in the body and brain. The basics are easily learned by anyone, and it’s great for developing a bond with your animal too.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is also known as “Tapping Technique” – it involves tapping meridian points on the head and body, to relieve both physical pain and emotional trauma. You tap on yourself for your animal – important for safety – while using telepathic communication of simply imagining what your animal is feeling. You can learn it for free, and use it anywhere!

We explain in more detail what each therapy involves, how it works, where to find it – and how it can help your pet.

Also, with each one, we tell you how to find out where to learn the basics, so you can work with your pet yourself – though in some instances, both to comply with the law, and especially if you want results quickly, finding a qualified practitioner will be your best route.

The therapies we include can all be used for people as well as animals – and this is a good thing, as you and your pet are emotionally linked. To help them, you may have to work on you...... we show you how!

In Part Three, you’ll learn just how deep you can really go in getting in touch with your animal.....

This is where we leave the practicalities (though not really) and take a leap into magic and mysteries!

Would you like to be able to “talk” to your animal?

Imagine how it would feel to be able to just ask him or her anything you wanted? Get the answers to all those questions without having to do all the detective work?

Or just simply find out if he or she is happy? Do they need anything? And, most important of all, do they know just how much you love them?

You can. Honestly.

You’re probably doing it already, but you may not realise you are.

Welcome to the amazing world of Telepathic Animal Communication. It’s real; it’s here; and it’s now. This is what we do professionally, along with our other therapies and training, to help people truly understand their pets.

When we discovered this, by our individual routes, at first we couldn’t believe it. But it’s true. And every day more and more people are rediscovering their birthright, and finding they can do it too.

In Part Three of “How to Truly Understand your Pet”, you’ll step into a whole new world – where animals communicate, death is only physical, and the possibilities for change and personal development are literally limitless – with your animals as your teachers, every bit as much as you teach them.

You’ll learn:-

How Telepathic Animal Communication works

How you can do it

When to use it

Where to learn more about it

How to choose a professional communicator if you want to use one

How it can deepen your relationship with your animal beyond your wildest dreams!

And, as if this wasn’t amazing enough, you’ll also learn the secrets we’ve discovered when working with animals whose behaviour problems seemed intractable; animals such as:-

Glen, the Labrador whose nervousness and inexplicable weight loss had his vet beaten; and Holly, the Shih Tzu who literally fought for her life when being groomed.

It’s all our world – from the daily practicalities to the mindblowingly incredible. And it’s the world our animals live in too.

If you truly want to understand your pet – and have the relationship and closeness you always dreamed of – this is your opportunity.

The price of this book is Just $9.97. A small investment which could change your life – and your animal’s life – for ever.

We believe there’s something in this book for everyone who loves animals, no matter what your views. But if you don’t like “How To Truly Understand Your Pet” – for any reason at all - simply let us know within 60 days of purchase and we’ll give you a full, no-quibble refund.

But we believe you may be on the edge of a new stage in your journey with your pet – and if we can be part of that, we’d be proud.

Make a difference to your animal – and to yourself - today. For the rest of your life together.

Sue and Elaine,

“Animal Matters” - because your animal matters.

P.S. With our 60 day money back guarantee, you’ve nothing to lose – so invest in what may be a whole new future for you and your pet today!

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